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Tea-leaf (marble) eggs – updated

The recipe for tea-leaf eggs has been updated. Check out the new and (hopefully) improved version here.

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Maple butter tarts

preparation time: 30 minutes cooking time: 15 minutes These are pretty much the classic version (all-butter pastry crust, raisins in the filling), with the exception of a maple/corn syrup swap. Happy Canada Day!

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preparation time: 10 minutes cooking time: 55+ minutes emergency contact: camille Knekkebrød (crispbread) is eaten throughout the day in Norway — for breakfast, for lunch, with brown cheese or kaviar as a snack, and even at that odd fourth meal … Continue reading

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Gravlax – the house recipe

original recipes by walter and andreas vistad preparation time: 45 minutes marinating time: 1.5-3 days emergency contact: carol This is a recombination of Walter’s and Andreas Vistad’s gravlax recipes. Originally posted in 2008, it has been re-tested, updated, and was … Continue reading

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Variations on the French 75

preparation time: 7 minutes cooking time: none The debate over whether a classic French 75 is made with gin or cognac continues to rage, but there is no question that it is one of the most elegant Champagne cocktails. If … Continue reading

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Thick steak

preparation time: 2 hours (for steak to come to room temperature) cooking time: 12-20 minutes (depending on thickness and how you like your steak) resting time: 6-10 minutes (depending on cooking time) The Ducasse slow-cook method produces what the man … Continue reading

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Man o’ War

preparation time: 7 minutes cooking time: none A summery cocktail for the Kentucky Derby, lawn parties, barbeques and occasions beyond. One such occasion being the fact that this is the FIRST cocktail recipe on 54leacock… so head straight to your … Continue reading

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Tea-leaf (marble) eggs

preparation time: 15 minutes cooking time: at least 3 1/2 hours (1 1/2 hours active) emergency contact: carol There are few things as exciting as having a batch of tea-leaf eggs on hand, ready for duty at breakfast, lunch, dinner … Continue reading

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Amy’s all-purpose batter

Amy’s famous batter makes a light, loose and crispy coating for anything from eggplant and zucchini to soft-shelled crab and shrimp. Many have stood at the kitchen counter, watching her every movement, hanging on to every vague instruction and approximate … Continue reading

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Roasted shallot chutney

preparation time: 10 minutes cooking time: 50 minutes emergency contact: camille This sweet and sour chutney, adapted from a Nigel Slater recipe, is simple to make and extremely versatile. The chutney can be served with roasted meats, fish, pasta dishes, … Continue reading

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