Happy New Year


Hi everyone. Hope you’ve had a good start to 2011, and are looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit (hip hop) as well.

We were disorganized with the distribution of the 2010 Christmas CD, so it’s a little more do-it-yourself this year. If you haven’t received your copy, just burn one off the iMac in the family room at Leacock next time you’re visiting (the playlist is in iTunes). If you already have your copy, you can grab the song and artist information here by selecting “2010” in the top menubar. Early reviews are good!

(The “beans” shown above were found in galettes des rois from Thobors (627 Mt Pleasant Road, 416-544-1733, closed Mondays and Tuesdays). We started practising our galette technique on New Year’s Day in order to be well prepared for Epiphany, so we got through several of them.)

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