A break while waiting for greener days


Hope everyone is enjoying their time off during this, Ontario’s newest long weekend. And reminding themselves how lucky they are to live in a place where, every once in a while, for no better reason than trying to get re-elected, the provincial government will throw a holiday into a month that previously contained none. So as not to be prejudiced, happy Louis Riel Day (Manitoba), Islander Day (PEI) and Presidents Day (US) as well, but sucks to you living in BC, Qu├ębec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the territories.

Family Day brings Ontario’s public holiday count to 9 (New Year’s, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Boxing Day) or 11 (Easter Monday, Simcoe Day) depending on how you count. For comparison, that’s about the same as in France (10) and Norway (11), but in both of those places, any holiday that falls on a weekend is lost to the void. Given that “the void” includes a minimum of 5 weeks’ paid time off (in France, this increases to 7 weeks if you have a >35-hour work week, and to approximately 3 months if you’re a civil servant), you’d be surprised the number of complaints you hear.

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