Sauces and brunch (updated!)

Update: See new Posh Nosh links below the first video.

For something a little different in terms of recipe posts, here are two instructional videos to enjoy and… um, be instructed by.

Meat isn’t curtains
Simon and Minty Marchmont explain how sauces are the foundations of dishes. They discuss the importance of using good quality ingredients such as wind-dried water, demonstrate advanced techniques such as wood-creaming stock and terrifying the peel of Seville oranges, and imply that if you don’t have an AGA and a Nigerian jus pot brought back from the slave trade, you might as well not bother.

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It’s the perfect mimosa
And here is Hannah Hart on how to make brunch. In addition to showcasing her mad pancake- and mimosa-making skillz, she offers hosting tips (“At brunch, people whine about problems that aren’t actually problems, so let’s do a little bit of that. This morning the shower was not hot enough… I think Wholefoods has really gone downhill.”) and practical musings (“Part of me is fundamentally against the concept of brunch in that I wake up and I’m immediately hungry, and I also love lunch.”).

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