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The Toronto gang has been on the move this autumn. The contingent from 54 Leacock has just returned from some adventures in Seattle. Though everyone enjoyed the thundering magnificence of Snoqualmie Falls (familiar to fans of Twin Peaks), an unexpected morning of sunshine on Alki Beach, some very tasty meals at Restaurant ZoĆ«, Monsoon and Shiro’s Sushi, the attraction that indisputably generated the most excitement was a visit to Uwajimaya, the Wholefoods of Asian grocery stores. Meanwhile, the Chao, Yue and Lee branches have completed a grand tour of China including Beijing, Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) and Hong Kong – keep an eye on this link, as photos will continue to be posted over the next little while. You will need to contact Arnold for an invitation to view these particular albums. But don’t be confused, you will still need an invitation from the main 54leacock flickr account to access most of the photo links on this site.

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