Tomato sauce

preparation time: 15 minutes
cooking time: at least 45 minutes
emergency contact: carol

tomatoes – 10 to 15
chopped shallots – lots, 1/2 cup or so minced
cooking wine or chinese rose wine – 1/4 cup
sugar (or maple syrup) – 3-4 Tbsp
sea salt – 2-3 tsp
freshly ground pepper
freshly ground coriander seed
optional: roasted red peppers – 2 or 3, seeded and chopped up

Boil a large pot of water and throw in the tomatoes for a few minutes. Once you see the skins start to crack, take them out and plunge them into cold water. When cool, peel off the skins and cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

Heat some olive oil in a pot and add the chopped shallots. Once the shallots have browned a bit, put in the chopped tomatoes. Add the cooking wine, sea salt, sugar or syrup, and freshly ground coriander and pepper.

Cook, first covered over medium low heat, then after 30 minutes or so, uncovered over low heat, until the sauce thickens. Taste the sauce partway through cooking and adjust seasonings to taste.

This sauce freezes well and can be used in dishes such as Mediterranean chicken with figs.

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