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Goings on at the hub.

Shanghai Dim Sum

Shanghai Dim Sum is a sort of shack sitting in a corner lot in Scarborough. It looks a bit like a converted Dairy Queen from the outside, but the inside is a cosy, old timey slice of colonial Shanghai, complete … Continue reading

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Holiday cheese

Christmas Eve: Bleubry# — cow — Québec (Portneuf)

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Butter tart trail

The township of Wellington North has a Butter Tart Trail. For real! This article from the Toronto Star (3 December 2008) will whet your appetite, but you’ll also need the official map to plan your visit properly. Since we’re on … Continue reading

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69 or 72 stations

Lately, we’ve not only been riding the Rocket, we’ve been admiring it and wearing it too.

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Toasted almond scandal

Think back to the birthday celebrations of yore at 54Leacock, to the times before Le Comptoir de Célestin, before Rahier Pâtisserie, even before Phipps, and you’ll find it hidden in a dusty corner of your memories… the Dufflet Toasted Almond … Continue reading

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Persian treats

These tiny, clover-shaped chickpea (nan-e-nokhochi) cookies perfumed with rosewater and dusted with a sprinkling of pistachio crumbs are a perfect combination of delicate flavours. You can find them (and many other exciting things including squiggly pofak, flaky raisin cookies and … Continue reading

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Around the world

The Toronto gang has been on the move this autumn. The contingent from 54 Leacock has just returned from some adventures in Seattle. Though everyone enjoyed the thundering magnificence of Snoqualmie Falls (familiar to fans of Twin Peaks), an unexpected … Continue reading

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