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Thai-inspired pork jowl

preparation time: 30 minutesmarinating time (optional): 3 hours to overnightcooking time: 40 minutes (5 minutes active) This fragrant, oven-roasted pork goes well with rice, atop a bowl of noodles, or stuffed into sesame “siew baeng” flatbread pockets. Once the marinade … Continue reading

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One-bowl chocolate olive-oil cake

preparation time: 15 minutescooking time: 30-35 minutesemergency contact: really no need This one is for those times when you want a moist, comforting chocolate cake rather than a rich, indulgent chocolate cake. The one-bowl aspect is a bonus.

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Roast chicken with caramelized shallots

preparation time: 10 minutesmarinating time (optional): 30 minutes to several hourscooking time: 45 minutes (5 minutes active)emergency contact: camille This recipe has been one of the finds of the pandemic. It requires only a few ingredients that are always on … Continue reading

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Marinated wood ears

preparation time: 30 minutescooking time: 1 1/2 hours (1/2 hour active)emergency contact: carol Quick and easy salad that keeps (and improves) for several days in the fridge. If you’re out of maple syrup, you can substitute a mix of brown … Continue reading

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Pistachio and chorizo apéritif cake

preparation time: 20 minutescooking time: 30-40 minutesemergency contact: camille This crumbly, savoury loaf is meant to be served with apéritifs, but is great for any-time snacking. You can substitute in any of your favourite ingredients: almonds, pecans, pine nuts, olives, … Continue reading

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Maple butter tarts

preparation time: 30 minutescooking time: 15 minutes These are pretty much the classic version (all-butter pastry crust, raisins in the filling), with the exception of a maple/corn syrup swap. Happy Canada Day!

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preparation time: 10 minutescooking time: 55+ minutesemergency contact: camille Knekkebrød (crispbread) is eaten throughout the day in Norway — for breakfast, for lunch, with brown cheese or kaviar as a snack, and even at that odd fourth meal they squeeze … Continue reading

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Gravlax – the house recipe

original recipes by walter and andreas vistadpreparation time: 45 minutesmarinating time: 1.5-3 daysemergency contact: carol This is a recombination of Walter’s and Andreas Vistad’s gravlax recipes. Originally posted in 2008, it has been re-tested, updated, and was served this way … Continue reading

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Variations on the French 75

preparation time: 7 minutescooking time: none The debate over whether a classic French 75 is made with gin or cognac continues to rage, but there is no question that it is one of the most elegant Champagne cocktails. If World … Continue reading

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Thick steak

preparation time: 2 hours (for steak to come to room temperature)cooking time: 12-20 minutes (depending on thickness and how you like your steak)resting time: 6-10 minutes (depending on cooking time) The Ducasse slow-cook method produces what the man himself describes … Continue reading

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