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Price check

Sample grocery trip in Bergen (exchange rate 5.5 NOK = 1 CAD): milk (1 L) — 14.70 — $2.67 milk, organic (1 L) — 17.30 — $3.15 eggs (1 dozen) — 39.90 — $7.25 pasta, dry (500 g) — 23.90 … Continue reading

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Cherries abloom

Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, just in time for Easter! And as an Easter weekend treat, we’d like to share with you our new favourite word: callipygian “ka-l&-‘pi-j(E-)&n), adjective, Greek having beautifully proportioned buttocks (like Venus)

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Knit GI tract

Ours being a family with an appreciation for unabashed geekdom as well as random acts of craftiness, we suspect that’s knit GI tract will generate heaps of excitement. If your anatomy’s a little rusty or if you discover strong … Continue reading

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Speedy geezers

Calgarian Duff Gibson’s gold medal not only proves that he can hurl himself down an icy chute on a tea tray at higher speed than anyone else in the world, it also revived the Olympic dream for many of us. … Continue reading

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Duran Duran

When it comes to matters of consequence, Zev Borow, regular contributor to fine publications such as Spin, The New Yorker and McSweeney’s, knows where it’s at. About his inspiration to “cover” a Duran Duran song for Lit Riffs, he writes: … Continue reading

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Damn, that is a sweet Earth

Some of our favourite current events weirdness from the past year: End of Ze World Harlan McCraney: Presidential Speechalist featuring Andy Dick and Arianna Huffington Raj Binder discovers curling (December 9 episode). Raj made it onto CBC’s Top 100 of … Continue reading

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Yes, we have no bananas

These plantains are cozily plantains tucked in tucked into the rice bucket plantains tucked in after a formidable struggle. Hopefully, they will ripen in time to be fried up for dessert after our New Year’s Eve dinner of chicken with … Continue reading

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O Holy Hockey Night

ESPN’s John Buccigross pays tribute to a Canadian institution in his piece, New rules… same ol’ Hockey Night in Canada. Scroll down to Second Period for the part that had us all verklempt.

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