Holiday logistics

There are some out-of-the-ordinary events afoot the weekend of New Year’s Eve. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, here’s what’s going down:

Friday 29 December: Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

  • Please don your formal attire of choice for dinner – suit & tie, cheongsams, hoop petticoats and Enterprise uniforms are all acceptable. Seriously.
  • 14:00 cake will be one hour earlier than usual at 54Leacock
  • 18:00 dinner at Full House Restaurant (Highway 7 East, Unit 25, Richmond Hill, 905-882-1388)

Saturday 30 December

  • 11:45 dim sum at the Queen’s Quay Pink Pearl
  • No family dinner (see below).

Sunday 31 December

  • The usual Saturday dinner has been moved to New Year’s Eve. Please RSVP to Carol so that the chefs can plan the menu, thereby safeguarding against the tragedy of some poor soul going hungry.

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