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Da Rosa is an épicerie (delicatessen) with an upstairs tasting room, a pleasant streetside terrace and an impossibly tall tower of a wine rack. More importantly, Da Rosa stocks many of the Leacock favourites: several types of jamón ibérico, Amadei chocolate, fleur de sel, Lucques olives… In addition, there are Spanish and Italian cheeses, olive oils, truffles, Carnaroli rice, a bewildering selection of caviar, and (very exciting) new items to add to the Paris standing order list: pimandes and Sauternes chocolate raisins. The Sauternes chocolate raisins were discovered by Stéphane and his cousin Martin at the 2008 spring Salon Saveurs and purchased for Nicole, who loved them, but the information on where to buy them had tragically been lost. That is, until Stéphane popped one in his mouth at Da Rosa and registered immediate gustatory recognition. The pimandes are chocolate-covered Marcona almonds dusted with cocoa and piment d’Espelette, a smoky red chili used in Basque cooking. Both so so good.

In the tasting room, you can order a spread of olives, Iberian pork products (tapas– or assiette-sized), Spanish cheeses, caviar, wines and desserts (including Grom gelato from — well, from the shop across the street, but actually from Torino).

Sampled: tapas jamón ibérico de bellota (13), tapas lomo (dry cured pork loin sausage) ibérico de bellota (6), Manchego plate with membrillo (quince paste) and salad (10), Lucques olives (1.50), café gourmand (9)

Da Rosa
62 rue de Seine (6th)
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 51 00 09

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